Specific Takeover on Data

STOD-05: Josh Kolbo

Josh Kolbo is an American artist living in New York. His work is challenging the photo-sculptural practice since 2010. He is taking his subjects from still life imagery to commercial photography and manipulate it in such way to emphasize the idea of failure from the capitalist institutions and their relation to the virtual realm.

His installations remind some of the folded works from Robert Moris ( "Wall Hanging" series, 1971-1973), and allow the viewer to take a step forward to photo installation's codes and norms. His objects bring us back as a loop to his principal thematic: Progress.

Josh Kolbo is represented by Société Berlin

Mentions from: article on Frieze London 2015, October 2012

Specific Takeover on Data is the specific rubric of Maxime Guyon. Intended on spreading original discoveries through the work of artists who are focusing on contemporary alterations within the medium of photography.